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The human body is an advanced organic/carbon  based  machine that because of its structure gives rise to self awareness/consciousness.  The real you is self awareness. The I. You are a result, an intangible projection of brain activity and your interactions with the world through your sensory organs.  Secondly because of the complexity of the brain and because it plays such a large part in projecting self awareness, we can many times not see ourselves and many other things as they truly are.  This leads to us making bad decisions and doing things that aren’t good for ourselves and others.  Many times we are not in control, our brains are, therefore we have wars, struggle to live together and exhibit varying degrees of antisocial behavior.  All of us at one time or another because of a lack of enough introspection, a lack of enough meditation get caught up in ideas, concepts and emotions that have negative consequences.  This is when the brain is in control and you’re simply along for the ride.

Brain-light-up-GIF-FinalThe human brain is no more than an organic based computer that is the central processing unit of a life form. A human being.  It is here that the I resides.  Your true self is the I. It is again a projection of the totality of your brain activity(memories, applications, concepts, emotions) and your interactions with the outside world through your body.  You —– the I —– self awareness —— is that intangible manifestation that arises when an organism reaches a certain level of complexity.  Who is really in charge, you or your brain.  All of them develop differently. Some of us are blessed with snap, some of us are mentally slow and there are so many variations on a theme.   Some of us are good at one thing but not another.  We must understand the factor of genetic chance playing a part in our mental make up.

Your mind is the internal space that the I inhabits. It is a amalgamation of concepts, ideas, memories, applications and emotions that the I/self awareness moves about.

It can be a place that because of the complexity of the human brain we are not in control of all of the time, we are simply along for the ride and at the end of a detrimental outcome we ask “what happened”.  Are you(I) in control or is your brain in control?   That I feel depends on:

  1. Genetics (your particular brain design)
  2. How introspective you are
  3. The impact your past and present environment has had on your mindset
  4. Your level of understanding yourself and the world

The human brain is the most advanced organic based computer system on this planet and you are a manifestation of this machine as it interacts through your body with the outside world.

7/21/2018 Fri night

It is a magical thing.  The true self.  Self awareness.  You are not the thoughts that you think or emotions that wrap around you.  It must be said time and time again so that you understand that your interactions with the world through your body and it’s brain activity give rise to that which is most special in the universe.   That which moves through the internal and external world.



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