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Politics – I still think it’s a bunch of liars and a bunch of self-interest. It’s not about the people: it’s about themselves and their rise to power. They are voting on things based on whether they will have the support of the people when they vote next time. They don’t have the balls to say, ‘I believe in this. I don’t care what happens.’ Jay-Z

I think people involved in politics make good actors. Acting and politics both involve fooling people. People like being fooled by actors. When you get right down to it, they probably like being fooled by politicians even more. A skillful actor will make you think, but a skillful politician will make you never have to think. Donna Brazile

Imagine a small windowless building the size of a small hotel room.  The people in our scenario refer to it as the box.  In many ways its like a hotel room, there’s a bathroom, refrigerator, a bed, desk and computer. There’s also a large monitor for watching only a select group of movies and tv shows.

The purpose of this building is to provide a place for a political candidate to answer a set of questions in a certain amount of time and in doing so provide voters with their understanding, beliefs, strategies and knowledge of some of the problems and situations they will face if they are elected.  They are given 7 days or less to answer them.   Before they begin the process they undergo a thorough body search to make sure they have no external or internal hidden information.  Before the room is used by a candidate it too will be thoroughly searched for any written material or electronic devices that could help the candidate in answering the questions.  Everything they type must come from memory.  The computer they will use to answer the set of questions will be specialized for the job with no external ports for data devices like usb sticks or external hard drives.

Once the candidate enters the room they cannot leave the room until they have communicated through the computer or intercom that they have answered all the questions or for a medical emergency.  Once they’re done their answers are put online for voters to review.

Below are the questions.  They are to be answered with extended responses. No short answers allowed.  Candidates seeking office in Congress or as president are given this question set and they are known by the candidates beforehand in order for them to prepare to answer them.

  1.  Describe and explain your macroeconomic view of the United States and current global economics.
  2. Describe and explain what you think needs to be done to improve the U.S. economy and your game plan to do so.
  3. Describe and explain how you see the U.S. military in its current state.
  4. Please elaborate on any military subjects that you have knowledge of (history, weapon systems, strategies and tactics, leadership concepts, psychology, veterans affairs, training)
  5. Describe and explain how you would try and improve the U.S. military.
  6. Describe and explain the current state of the American education system from kindergarten to college.
  7. Describe and explain how you would improve the American education system.
  8. Describe and explain the current U.S. national R&D system of labs and what you would do to improve them.  Secondly what areas of research do you think should be added to their projects.
  9. Please elaborate on any knowledge you have of any high technology subjects
  10. What do you think of space travel and the colonization of other planets
  11.  Please elaborate on any knowledge of space travel you have.
  12.  Please explain your view of the current set of global political situations and your thoughts on how U.S. foreign policy should be tailored to effectively deal with these situations .

What does this accomplish?  Voters would get without a doubt a more in depth view of a candidate’s intelligence, views and imagination.  Voters around the world need to stop only observing candidate speeches, political commercials and misinformation in order to decide who they will vote for.  (Though a candidate’s speech making abilities is one of many indicators of how well they deal with other members of government to effectively problem solve.)

In this fantasy election process the voters are all intelligent people who are avid readers of history, psychology, physics and current affairs.  They keep up with current events and can differentiate between propaganda and unbiased facts.  They can identify political spin and real news.  They are also voters that realize they need to elect someone who is mentally capable of dealing with situations with patriotic force and a sense of mission to drive them to make effective decisions even if they are controversial.

We should’ve had a box a long time ago. An isolated room where political candidates attempt to put down bodies of information we expect them to be familiar with and they write down their strategies and views.  This is moving beyond sound bites, campaign slogans and speeches to give us a better picture of political candidates.

Right now the best people for government positions are not being elected.  The great speech makers, the candidates that had enough campaign money to pay for an effective media blitz, the candidates that told voters what they wanted to hear they’re the ones being elected.  These people in most cases lack the necessary knowledge base and imagination to hold office.

People that vote God bless them but its time for them to start demanding a thorough intelligence check of people running for office.  We the people need the box.  When you look at some of our elected officials in Washington and state government you can’t help but think who in God’s name voted for that person.  Many of them are career politicians who are primarily concerned with staying in office and making as much money under the table as they can.  These are people who do not have an in depth grasp of the problems they have been elected to take care of and usually don’t have the determination to put together a well prepared strategy, instead they put some duct tape on them and say problem solved.

Elected officials are a reflection of the people that voted for them.  If you have a voting base of predominantly intelligent, knowledgeable people they will in most circumstances vote for the candidate they think has the mental capacity, strategies and sense of duty to do a good job.  These are voters who aren’t simply being swayed by a good speech and manipulative campaign technologies.  Since they don’t have the box to rely upon they have to listen to speeches, debates, interviews and literary works a candidate has authored to amass a good mental picture of the person.  On the other side of the fence are the voters who haven’t taken the time to study the history behind current events, instead they’re taking in the information they want to hear and being effectively manipulated by campaign strategies and technologies just to get their vote.  These people though many of them have their desires in the right place vote for candidates that are not up to the task.  They vote for people that are strictly politicians who are only concerned with staying in office and making as much money as they can from being in office.

Voters need to change themselves. Look at the history behind current events and not simply what candidates are telling you about what’s going on.  Make time to learn the history behind current events, use the internet to your advantage and become an informed voter, knowing what’s going on.  We the voters need to become deeply more knowledgeable about the events that have brought us to our present state of affairs.  Once we’ve done this then we must manage these affairs and find solutions to problems that are not short term, ineffective and tied to political aspirations.

Those of us who vote are continuously voting into office people that don’t have the knowledge, imagination and adequate deductive reasoning skills to deal with the problems they will face in office.  The sad fact is this has been going on for decades.

We must transform into intelligent voters and create a mental process that helps us to better select those who we think are suitable for office.

The box is a process that should be put in place on every level of government, from mayor to president of the United States.  It’s time to effectively weed out the posers, the fakes, the selfish individuals that could care less about what happens to us and what our children will face in the future.  When you put the box together with a nation of voters that have learned on their own what’s going on and can discern fact from fiction then you have the beginnings of a civilization that will survive and flourish.


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