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“Upon the subject of education, not presuming to dictate any plan or system respecting it, I can only say that I view it as the most important subject which we as a people can be engaged in. That every man may receive at least a moderate education…appears to be an object of vital importance”…    Abraham Lincoln

“I am entirely certain that twenty years from now we will look back at education as it is practiced in most schools today and wonder that we could have tolerated anything so primitive”.  John W. Gardner

“If we get public education right, everything else will follow. But if we get it wrong, not much else will matter”.   Steve Kagen

There are certain factors that dictate more than others how long a group of people can live and work together to survive, grow larger and more powerful.  One of those factors is the education system of that group.

The larger and more complex a civilization becomes, the more difficult it is to manage.  With the growth of a nation many problems can gain tremendous momentum and together these problems can begin to lead to it’s decline.

Across planet Earth are the archaeological remains of groups of people that came together to become large enough to accomplish great feats of engineering and warfare that we still find incredible to this very day.  The Romans, the Mongols, the Egyptians, Mesopotamia, the British Empire just to name a few. Inca, Aztec, Maya, the Ottoman empire and on and on.  Why aren’t they still here and not just the remains of what they achieved.

There are many reasons why:

  1. The management skills of its leadership fell short of what was required to effectively maintain themselves as a thriving civilization. They could not organize well enough to deal with the problems that come with large groups of people working together in some way to survive.
  2. Their level of technical know how was not advanced enough to save them from decline brought on by internal strife and what mother nature put them through.
  3. Lack of enough patriotism (emotive force born from ideals and memories)

This module deals with changes and additions needed to be made to our education system on all levels. The following changes are necessary because of the 3 reasons above:

 1. Public school systems need to have classes on

  • social skills
  • morals
  • working together effectively in a social, political and business framework
  • parenting
  • patriotism
  • human behavior
  • maintaining a civilization

If you look at a lot of the problems we’re having in the United States like mass shootings, inept political/government leadership, a virulent atmosphere of selfishness and greed that is devoid of patriotism, ignorant and short sighted people who instill racial hatred in others causing further problems points to the fact that we need to produce a better class of citizen. We are extremely divided as a nation along too many lines to the point where we’ve lost sight of the fact that we’re all in this together.

These six subjects should be spread out from 1st  to 12th  grade in order to be thoroughly retained by students and for these subjects to influence their behavior.  In conjunction with the other 3 initiatives I believe we will graduate more well rounded and capable individuals that will be assets to America. They will be people that:

  • are respectful of others, get along well with them
  • have a good moral compass
  • are selfless and effective team players when necessary
  • have a good understanding of parenting
  • have enough ingrained patriotism to understand the importance of many things in life they do and to do them well for the sake of the country and not just for themselves (parenting, teaching, warfighting, politics, commerce)
  • understand themselves and others better.
  • realize and feel the need to do their part in maintaining and improving their country.


Our public education system with the help and participation of parents, communities, government and big business can be a positive force of change to greatly reduce the effects of many of our problems.  The current situation involves complex problems that have gained great momentum over decades therefore an effective long term plan, well thought out is the best way to deal with them.

 Our public education systems need a curriculum that provide students with enough know how and mental applications to do well in the many roles they will have in life and in so doing maintain what we have as a nation, ……as a people and become an empire that has no end.

2. Include classes on patriotism

Everybody needs to help in this, parents, schools, teachers,….society.  It’s a good thing to do.  Provide these children with some emotional force to help them do things that will help the nation.  Later in life they will remember the words and events that instilled in them this patriotism and when they’re colonizing Mars or in Washington trying to get a bill passed the thought will cross their mind that they’re doing this for their country, for the future of the human race and for their children.

As a child I was a ferocious reader and at an early age from learning about American history on my own and at school I felt proud to be an American.  It can’t be helped.  Look around you, get on the net and behold one of the greatest empires of planet Earth.  If you aren’t patriotic, get that way and make sure your children are too.

One of the sad things about most Americans is that when we step foot on foreign soil one of the first thoughts that crosses our mind is – I’m an American and the United States is the greatest and the most powerful nation on this planet- and you can’t wait to start conversations with the locals and tell them where you’re from.  After your trip you step foot back on American soil and what thoughts move through you – I’m black, I’m white, I’m middle class, I’m rich.  The divisions set in again, the selfishness. Everyone for themselves.


We must be one and rise above all the divisions that keep us from being stronger.  We must not succumb to racism, ignorance, social and political divisions. We must change the way we look at each other. No races, no divisions,…just Americans. Just a group of human beings that are in this together.

While we’re trying to attain this new viewpoint at the same time we need to teach our children what it is to be patriotic and why its important to be this way.  Let’s make patriotism a subject taught in our public education system.

At an early age children need to understand that we’re all Americans and we’re all in this together…4. regardless of social strata, race, gender and sexual orientation.  They must be taught to respect and help one another when necessary and work as a team to get things done.  Parents, you need to make some time to have many conversations with them about a great many things besides sex.  Raising a child is more than just providing food, shelter and clothing and I think most people realize that but they don’t make the time for those important conversations.

3.  Parents must deliver a child into the education system that understands the importance of an education, has been taught how to get along with others, how to behave and to make an effort to learn.

Its time for us to step up our parenting game. It’s as simple as that.

First of all, we need to thank all the people that as parents make an effort to teach their children right from wrong and good social skills, these people have played a large part in the United States being the great country it is regardless of the many issues we have.  The problem is not all parents take the time to be a complete parent and go beyond providing food, shelter and clothing.  There are no long talks, back and forth on the above subject matter. Teachers cannot  do it alone. Raising children requires a strong union between parents, teachers and society.


Parents are the beginning of the education pathway and are members of the union of parents, the school system, big business and government.  Parents, you are entrusted with the molding of a positive citizen,  realize that you have an impact on the future of America and whether we survive and continue to strive for greatness.  Change 2 deals with you preparing your child’s mind set for school:

  • Create and maintain a home atmosphere that is conducive to learning, that is turmoil free. Children don’t want to be at school dreading going back home and trying to get homework done and rest amidst family issues.  You need to minimize these.
  • Talk to your child in-depth (not just for a few seconds) and when necessary about the importance of school, getting along with others, behaving and making an effort to learn.
  • Understand that you may have to change your tactics up when programming your children for school, one methodology may not work with all of them. You may have to try several until you can see what you’re trying to convey has registered. Get with their teachers, keep track of how they’re doing and behaving in class this way you can see if your conversations with then have taken effect and shows that you indeed think education is important and that you’re being observant.  Your children will pick up on this.
  • Make an effort to help them with their homework, use technology(smart phone, internet, computer) to be a part of the learning process when you’re not with them, make up field trips that you can take them on that deals with their current curriculum)
  • Provide them with the proper educational tools at home, a computer system is a good start.
  • Always, always provide positive reinforcement when they do well academically and negative reinforcement when they’re not.
  • Be mindful of how much pressure you’re putting on your child. Too much pressure is not good and understand that they must have time to spend with friends and you to unwind.

4.   We need effective teaching methods and technologically advanced classrooms to become ubiquitous.

Across America new teaching methods coupled with technologically advanced classrooms are taking hold and showing results that are better than the traditional chalkboard classroom. As a parent you should take to the internet and look at the schools with effective teaching methods and technologies to get with other parents and the school board to make the necessary changes to the schools your children attend.  The problem with the American education system is that not all school systems are having good results.  The successful schools are ( be they public or private) still the minority. Come together with those around you and :

  • Use the internet and find teaching methods other school systems are having success with and adopt them.
  • Connect with others and elect politicians that understand the necessary changes that need to be made.
  • Find out how much your local teachers are getting paid, maybe they need a raise. Again unite with other parents and politicians to make it happen.
  • Learn what classroom technologies are available and the strategies involved in their implementation.

gamification part 1

Understand that a technologically advanced classroom by itself is not going to yield positive results, it must be combined with:

  • A passionate teacher who has received thorough training in how to use all the equipment in this classroom for maximum effect.  Teachers should also attend mandatory meetings to exchange ideas about classroom strategies that they’ve found to effective.
  • Parents that make an honest effort to instill in their child a mindset conducive to learning along with a good  home environment.

The United States has the potential to improve the lives of many of it’s citizens through more effective problem solving and at the same time take that great leap from being a planetary to an interplanetary civilization.  Our problems;  unemployment, poverty, drug abuse, natural disasters, trying to enable a massive group of people to live together comfortably and peacefully, requires a public education system that helps us produce a citizenry that have the know how and emotive force to deal with these problems in an effective long term manner.   The great importance our public education system has as  a factor in our survivability as a civilization is lost to most people. You have to sit back, take the time to understand the dynamics of empires.  Why do some last considerably longer than others.   A public education system is a direct factor in the life span of a civilization……. it is of utmost importance for us to view it this way.


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