Attempting to thoroughly understand yourself and the world around you is one of the most important things that you can do.   If you are serious about this then it is something that goes beyond scattered moments of introspection.   In this journey of self discovery you might come to an understanding of yourself strong enough to eliminate or diminish the effects of negative behavior and viewpoints.


You might learn to become unleashed from emotions and concepts that have tied you down and prevented you from looking at yourself and the world in an accurate manner.

I am not a teacher or a master of self discovery, of gaining a powerful mind’s eye but I can say I’ve been on the journey.  On this website you and I converse as travelers on a mission of exploration,  exchanging ideas and beliefs.    I hope that there is a piece of knowledge I can pass on to you that might help you on your trek to illuminate what you cannot yet see and look at what you can see from a better perspective.


For those of you who seek out a life coach to help you on your path please feel free to email me and we may exchange letters or you may decide a phone or in person session is more conducive.  All of of us differ in what method of conveying information is effective in causing us to take this new found information and doing something with it.  Below I have placed a table of contents/links to make it easier for you to begin your experience here.

Blog posts

The Mechanics of I – Through science and deductive reasoning some of us have come to these conclusions concerning the true self, the I. Who you are, what you are.

My Sources of Understanding Myself – A post dealing with the disciplines I have studied to put together the still evolving mental picture I have of myself.

Above The Flow – Dealing with your everyday flow of emotions and thoughts from a vantage point above the flow.

Using The Concept – How I have taken the concepts from the Mechanics of I and used them to help better myself, to use them as tools in various aspects of my life.

A Better Citizen – Ways to become a better citizen.

The Box – Deals with ways to better understand and select our political candidates.

Quotes – Words of wisdom.


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